We are convinced there is a better way to design and manufacture rehabilitation medical devices. Our technology transforms the physical manufacturing of orthotic devices into a digital one. Instead of relying on plaster casts, we use 3D scans and software tools to design high-resolution orthotic devices never seen before. And thanks to 3D printing, we do it at a fraction of the cost and in less time than traditional manufacturers.


Infrared technology maps the limb and informs the geometry.

A mobile app is used to preescribe the orthotic device.

Software tools allign and correct the limb according to the medical preescription. The aligned model is used to CAD design the orthotic device.

The orthotic device is 3D printed.


What is the difference between an orthosis and a prosthesis?

Prosthetic devices replace missimg limbs, while orthotic devices correct mechanically existing limbs.

What are the benefits of this technology over the traditional process?

Thanks to 3D scanning we obtain a map of the limb that has higher resolution than the traditional plaster cast. With this, we design a device with the exact mechanical requirements preescribed by physicians using a less invasive method for the patient. Thanks to software, we can modify the limb according to the medical preescription without the need of physical materials, making the process faster and cheaper. Thanks to 3D printing, we can automate and scale the manufacturing of these devices, making them even cheaper.

How is the process to obtain an orthosis?

If you’re a patient, contact us and we will arrange everything for you. If you’re a technician and would like to try our technology, contact us and we will demo it for you.

What is the delivery time?

4-7 days.

What are the materials used?

We use a wide range of materials, from common thermoplastics to carbon fiber.

Whats the cost of the orthotic device?

100-200 usd.

Where are you based?

We have offices in Monterrey Mexico and Cambridge USA. Right now we are delivering in Mexico.


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